Confidential Document Destruction

When you need to dispose of sensitive material efficiently, we provide the trusted services you need.

We provide secure/locked tubs at your place of business.  At your company’s request, we pick up your confidential documents, shred them at our facility and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

*The shredded paper is baled at our facility and taken to a recycling facility.

*Other items we can destroy include: ID badges, credit cards, company stationary as well as hard drives/data.

*We are Licensed and Bonded.

Please call for details about pricing. 218-681-7312


We partner with Pennington County for the collection of

recyclables at the following locations


Thief River Falls Hugo’s – St. Hilaire County Shed – Goodridge Lion’s Hall

Accepted items at these locations

Plastic Containers types 1 and 2 – Glass Bottles – Tin & Aluminum

Magazines – Newspapers – Corrugated Cardboard

These items must be put in the proper recycle bin. They must not be in plastic bags.

Containers must be empty. No food in containers.

 No other items are accepted at these locations.


Examples of acceptable recyclable items include:

  •  Plastic containers number 1 and number 2 only.
    • ie: laundry detergent containers, milk jugs, pop bottles, peanut butter containers, etc.
    • remove caps/covers
    • no motor oil jugs


  • Aluminum and tin
    • no tin foil
    • both go in same container
    • not required to rinse, but appreciated
  • Glass
    • any color glass bottles
    • remove caps/covers
    • not required to rinse, but appreciated
    • no window/windshield glass
    • no bulbs
  • Newspaper
    • newspaper and inserts
    • phone books
  • Magazines
    • any glossy magazine or catalog
  • Corrugated Cardboard
    • corrugated only
    • must be broke down and flattened
    • no cereal, potato chip, or beverage boxes
    • no pizza boxes
    • no packing material
  • Oil
    • accepted at no charge
    • St. Hilaire and Goodridge recycling collection area
    • 1345 Barzen Ave. S, behind Les’s Sanitation  (filters accepted here is as well)


Examples of  recyclables we do not accept at these county recycling collection locations:

**paint, chemicals, pesticides, tires, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, TV’s, computers, microwaves and Freon appliances.

These items are accepted at our facility.

**see “recyclable disposal fees”  page for how to dispose of the above listed items.

Please call our office for details. (218)-681-7312.